Virgin Media begins 120Mbps upgrades

20Mbps speed boost coming to 100Mbps customers
Darren Allan

October 10, 2012
Virgin Media UK

Virgin Media has announced that it has begun boosting the speed of its 100Mbps broadband customers to 120Mbps.

This is part of the speed doubling project which was announced some time ago, whereby customers on all packages will see their line speed double at no charge – and 20Mbps folks are being tripled to 60Mbps – but those on 100Mbps aren’t doubling, of course.

That’s because there’s no chance of 200Mbps yet, but Virgin is boosting these packages up to its maximum current speed of 120Mbps – which will certainly be a welcome little extra.

Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media, commented: “Our 120Mb service continues to ensure that our consumers across the country get the very best that today’s technology offers.”

BT has also been busy and has doubled up the speed of its FTTC service (fibre-to-the-cabinet), which previously ran at 40Mbps but can now reach theoretical speeds of up to 80Mbps.

Virgin’s cable is more likely to hit closer to the maximum possible speed, of course, seeing as FTTC isn’t a full fibre service, as the last bit of the line still runs over copper to the cabinet.


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