Samsung Galaxy S III Mini coming

Like the S III, but more compact, with a 4 inch screen

October 11, 2012

Samsung is apparently going to produce a “Mini” version of its hugely popular Galaxy S III smartphone.

Apparently the popularity of 4 inch handsets in Europe has inspired the launch of a smaller display bearing S III (the phone itself has a pretty large 4.8 inch screen).

According to the Telegraph, JK Shin, the chief of Samsung Mobile, told assembled members of the press: “We’ll be launching a 4 inch Galaxy S III on the 11th in Germany. There’s a lot of demand for a four-inch screen device in Europe. Some call it an entry-level device, but we call it ‘mini.’”

So apparently this isn’t going to be an entry-level version of the S III, as that isn’t Samsung’s intention here.

Of course, the iPhone 5 has a 4 inch screen, so the S III Mini will be pitted against the Apple device in terms of its size.

Different rumoured specs are flying around, with some thinking that the S III Mini will pretty much carry the same tech as the S III – it will just be smaller. Others are talking about some possible cuts in the spec – such as downgrading the camera.

Obviously, the device should cost less than the S III, even if it isn’t an entry-level handset. And with the S III already competitively priced – you can grab it for less than £400 now – we can expect some pretty sharp, if not budget, pricing here – particularly compared to the iPhone 5, which is more expensive than ever.

That, then, would seem to be Samsung’s angle; a cheaper high-end handset to attempt to continue its sales success story.


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