Txtr Beagle e-reader is £10

Makes the Kindle look positively pricey
Darren Allan

October 12, 2012
txtr beagle

The Txtr Beagle is an e-reader device which makes even the Kindle look expensive, and it’s about to launch in Germany with just a £10 price tag.

It should be coming to the UK, although it’s not clear when, but an e-reader priced the same as a couple of pints of beer (in our fair Capital city, that is) is sure to attract something of an audience.

As you’d expect, the spec is very basic, though – and you certainly won’t be getting a touchscreen or Wi-Fi support for this kind of money.

The Beagle offers a 5 inch E-Ink screen with a resolution of 800 x 600, and 4GB of memory; but it can only hold 5 books at a time. The other downside is that it’s powered by AAA batteries – though you can use NiMH rechargeables, and the batteries should apparently last the average user the best part of a year.

To get books on the device, you transfer via Bluetooth from an Android smartphone app.

On the plus side, it’s highly compact, just 5mm thick down most of the body (it’s thicker at the end), and it weighs only 128 grams with the batteries inserted.

And at £10, you can’t really go too far wrong. The device is available with four different coloured rear covers, and will hopefully see the light of day in the UK.


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