iPad Mini launch will be October 23

The waiting is nearly over... probably...
Darren Allan

October 13, 2012

Apple will reportedly finally launch its iPad Mini on October 23, a week next Tuesday, according to the latest rumours.

If that’s the case, invitations should go out to the press in just a couple of days, on Monday or Tuesday, and we’ll finally have confirmation that the compact iPad exists.

Though it is almost a certainty – given the amount of buzz from suppliers, who have now apparently cranked up production. And also there have been several leaked snaps of the device – none of which are concrete confirmation, though.

Indeed, despite some analysts claiming to have seen the mini-slate, some folks were starting to doubt its launch when the previous rumoured unveiling date – next Wednesday – passed as a possibility. (Apple would have sent the invites out a week in advance, so when last Wednesday passed without the press hearing, it was clear this rumour was incorrect).

Several prominent sources, including Reuters and All Things D, are now saying that their sources have October 23 pinned as the date for reveal. The tablet would then go on sale a week or two afterwards.

The launch coming that week would interfere with Microsoft’s plans – as it has massive OS launches that week, with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 being pushed out, and also the Surface tablet.

The Mini iPad is expected to be a 7.85 inch tablet, although exactly what priced it’s pitched at is the real key question – and whether Apple is going to truly enter the budget £200 or less slate market, the territory of Google’s Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire.


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