Sony Nexus X allegedly snapped

Looks like they could be faked images, though

October 16, 2012

Excitement is building over the next Nexus smartphone(s) from Google, with several models purported to be in the pipeline this time – one from Sony having apparently been shown off in a leaked image.

Normally, Google produces one Nexus phone – the original Nexus One was followed by the Nexus S, and then the most recent model, the Galaxy Nexus (Samsung produced the last two handsets).

However, it seems Google may want a range of Nexus phones this time round – there’s almost certainly one coming from LG (a modified Optimus G) as we’ve already reported, but there may also be devices from Sony and Samsung on the way.

This leak is about the Sony model, the alleged Nexus X, and you can see the snaps at Xperia Blog (there’s one above, credit to Xperia Blog).

In all honesty, they look a little fake to us – and there’s no Xperia branding, or shadows in the photos. Plus the icons on the screen look slightly out of line, all of which points towards the pics being faked.

Still, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a Nexus device on the way from Sony, or at least, more than one Nexus device in the pipeline this time around. We won’t have to wait long to find out, anyway.


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