Sony to roll out PlayStation Store redesign

Also, SingStar is going free-to-play...
Darren Allan

October 16, 2012

Sony is rolling out a freshly redesigned PlayStation Store tomorrow in the UK (and next week in the US).

This will be a major overhaul, and will offer a more intuitive interface for finding your way around the masses of content which the Store offers (some 20,000 pieces of game-related content, Sony notes).

With the redesign, games will get their own product page which will link to all related content such as demos and DLC.

Visually, the Store looks a lot more streamlined and slicker, too – so this should be a welcome feature for PlayStation 3 owners.

In a blog post, Sony noted: “We’ve listened closely to your feedback and used it to build a brand new PlayStation Store. With a stunning new user interface, simple search and powerful content discovery, it’s an in-store experience that’s more streamlined and accessible than ever before.”

In other PlayStation news, SingStar is going free-to-play.

Sony announced: “A lot of you have probably seen stories about SingStar doing the rounds in the press this weekend and yes, it’s true, the SingStar Viewer is no more and the complete SingStar experience will be available as a free download very soon! There will be even more exciting news to come around this next week…”

So there you have it.


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