UK lags badly behind US mobile broadband

Speeds are four times faster over in the States
Adam Smith

October 16, 2012

A new survey carried out by RootMetrics, which compares the speed of mobile surfing in the US versus the UK, has found that New York surfers get four times faster mobile broadband than Londoners.

Yes, four times as quick – but then, the US has had 4G LTE for some time, whereas in the UK we’re still waiting for 4G services to go live (EE will be rolling its new service out in two weeks’ time, mind you).

RootMetrics’ figures are worrying for the state of the country’s mobile broadband, though. In London, over some 11,000 plus speed tests, the firm noted an average surfing speed of a rather poor 2.3Mbps.

New York, on the other hand, managed an average of 8.5Mbps, Tech Digest reported. Uploads were 1Mbps in our capital, and 4Mbps over the pond.

Despite EE bringing 4G soon, and the 4G spectrum auction being brought forward, this really isn’t good news.

Mobile broadband speeds vary widely across UK locations, and across networks, the report noted.

So who was the best provider for mobile broadband overall? According to RootMetrics, that accolade goes to Three. O2 was the runner-up, although its customers may not be feeling too endeared to the network with a couple of major outages hitting its user base in the last few months.


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