Apple iPad Mini reveal on October 23

We finally have the date, and it's less than a week to go, now

October 17, 2012

Apple has finally announced when it’s going to reveal what is assumed to be the much-rumoured iPad Mini device, at an event on October 23.

Actually, earlier this month, the revelation was thought to be scheduled for this week, but when last week crept past with no press invites going out, folks started to wonder if – just perhaps – the iPad Mini rumour peddlers could be wrong about the existence of a compact Apple slate.

However, today Apple sent out its usual cryptic invitations to an event in San Jose, next Tuesday, reading: “We’ve got a little more to show you.”

While the iPad Mini isn’t mentioned by name, and still hasn’t been officially announced even now, it’s clear enough that the “little” item refers to a smaller tablet.

The iPad Mini will allegedly be a 7.85 inch tablet, built to compete with the budget likes of the Nexus 7. Exactly how it will be priced remains the intriguing point.

If it’s too expensive, it won’t really be competing with the £159 Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD and their ilk – and what then, exactly, would be the point of the device?

If it’s too cheap, though, it might dissuade folks from buying the full-fat iPad, and see Apple cannibalise its own sales to some extent. So pitching the price is going to be a pretty fine art (it will also be dependent on the tech on board the iPad Mini, naturally).

We’ve less than a week to wait now, though, before we find out everything.

Rumour also has it that Apple will be pulling something else out of its hat at the event – possibly a new iMac or MacBook Pro variant.


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