The UK is a nation of GOOFs

Older folks love their gadgets as much as youngsters
Darren Allan

October 17, 2012
iPad 3

Apparently, Britain is a country full of GOOFs – that is, Gadget Obsessed Over Fifties.

At least according to a survey which was conducted by the Gadget Show Live Christmas, which found that those over the age of 50 owned almost as much in the way of tech gadgets as those half their age.

The most popular gadgets with older whizz-OAPs (as opposed to whizz-kids) were digital cameras and laptops. Almost all those surveyed, 94 per cent, owned a digital camera, and eight in ten had a laptop.

Three-quarters owned a smartphone, and 71 per cent had a flatscreen TV. Four in ten owned a tablet of some description, and the same amount, 40 per cent, had a Kindle e-reader. A third said they owned a portable games console, with one in five having an Xbox, PS3 or Wii (and the same percentage used a fitness app/game).

Matt Hodgins, event director, Gadget Show Live Christmas, noted: “This proves that gadgets hold as much, and sometimes more, appeal to older generations than younger ones. The over-50s often have more disposable cash for high end products such as tablets and flatscreen televisions and have more time to enjoy them, too.”

“But many also enjoy the greater freedom and convenience that young consumers may take for granted. Older people can use the internet connection of a laptop, tablet, phone or PC to keep in touch with friends and family, shop online and keep abreast of current events.”


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