iPhone 5 and iOS 6 user data complaints

All is not well in the land of Cupertino phones

October 20, 2012
iPhone 5

It seems that there’s a glitch with iOS 6, Apple’s fresh operating system which rolled out with the iPhone 5 last month, whereby it slurps more data allowance than it should.

A report in the Guardian noted that those with an iPhone 5, or those who had upgraded their older model to iOS 6, had found their mobile bills rocketing thanks to unexplained, much increased data usage.

It’s thought there may be a bug in how the iPhone switches between Wi-Fi and 3G, leading to unnecessary (and unknown to the owner) 3G usage.

There’s much speculation that the fault may also be something to do with Apple’s iTunes Match service (which helps users store their entire music collection in the cloud, not just iTunes purchases, but tracks bought from elsewhere or ripped from CDs, and makes them available for streaming anywhere).

A simple Twitter search shows the extent of the problem, with a fair number of people seemingly affected.

O2 customer Kerry Davis tweeted: “How can customers on iOS 6 get around the ridiculous data issue? I’ve gone through 600MB in 3 weeks despite being mostly on wifi!”

“Heathr” tweeted: “Anybody else notice data usage increases post iOS 6 upgrade? Mine was 25% more that [sic] normal and 125mb over my limit.”

This affair can be added to the long list of post-iPhone cock-ups. We had the Maps debacle, then “scuffgate” (the iPhone 5’s apparently easily marked case), then the iPhone 5 camera’s purple flare problem, and now this.

It should “just work”… (yes, all right, that’s a Mac slogan)… but evidently, in some cases, the new iPhone/iOS 6 doesn’t.


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  1. Felonious Drunk says:

    You get what you pay for.

    And iPhone owners pay for expensive adverts, expensive shops to hold a very small range of products and teaching apple staff how to whip a crowd up into an evangelical frenzy.

    You paid for a phone with an apple logo. If you wanted more than a fashion accessory you would have got Android or windows.

  2. Gary says:

    I have had an IPhone since the 1st day they originally came out. On my 4 I use 180-300mb a month but now with a 5 my first month is 2.3 gig and the month is not finished! I called AT&T which was a waste of time they said they didn’t have the same problem as Verizon.

  3. Robin says:

    My I phone and I phone are now not letting me login to my accounts. This is the worst software I have ever used! I encourage everyone to refuse to buy a single apple product until apple fixes this awful software! Android is looking better and better!

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