Microsoft Surface base model sells out

Pre-orders have stripped the pre-launch shelves dry of the cheapest model, apparently
Darren Allan

October 22, 2012
Microsoft Surface tablet

If you were hoping to pre-order the cheapest Surface tablet, which launches this Friday in the UK, then you’re out of luck as Microsoft is out of stock of that particular model.

The official UK website for the Surface notes that the 32 GB without Black Touch Cover model is “temporarily sold out” when it comes to pre-orders. There’s no indication of when it will be available again, or what sort of delay we can expect.

The Surface 32GB Windows RT-powered tablet retails at £399, but this is the one without the Touch Cover (which doubles as a keyboard, making the device a hybrid tablet-laptop, with Microsoft Office on board).

If you want the 32GB machine with the Touch Cover then you’re fine (that retails at £479, pitched as the same level as the 32GB iPad 3).

There was some concern that customers who’d already pre-ordered would have their shipments pushed back from the end of this week, due to an email Microsoft sent some folks indicating that this was the case.

However, reports are now saying that this email was an error, and there should be no delay.

That said, if you order the Surface now the website states delivery will happen within one to two weeks, so there’s seemingly no firm guarantee people who order today will get their tablet immediately after launch.


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