Refreshed PlayStation Store now live in UK

Fresh design finally arrives, but to some complaining...

October 22, 2012

Good news for UK PlayStation owners – the new PlayStation Store has gone live in the UK, after initial problems meant last week’s roll-out was stalled in Europe.

PlayStation Europe has just tweeted the following message to notify folks: “The new PlayStation Store is now live in all EU territories.”

Short, sweet, and immediately followed by a Twitter denizen flaming the fresh redesign.

Net Troll (a telling name) replied to say: “It’s AWFUL!!! It’s so user UNfriendly, like some android indy app…”

The new interface for the store has been designed to make content much more easily searchable (with new sorting and filtering options), and to give each game a product page, linking out to all content such as DLC and demos.

The Store has also separated PS3, Vita and PSP content, so it isn’t all mixed up together in a confusing fashion.

Certainly the changes sound positive, but as we’ve noted, some users have indicated their displeasure at the new Store design.

One user, KevKev UK, posted his thoughts on the PlayStation blog, noting (as many others have) that the new Store lags (teething problems, according to Sony).

He also said: “To download a Plus item for free I am directed to a cart, then the checkout, I then have to confirm my purchase of a FREE item… and finally I am allowed to download it.”

“This was actually a step backwards as it now takes me several times longer to get my free plus items than it used to. It’s a start, but you have some work to do Sony as right now it feels more like a Beta.”

There are positive comments, too, though – but most people seem to have a couple of niggles to get off their chest.


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  1. James says:

    Hi all, looking a bit of advice, I updated the store yesterday however every time it loads I cannot access any of the menus or search it is almost as if the scrren has froze, have reset ps3, changed controllers, deleted and reinstalled playstation store and left it sitting for 20 minutes (heard there may be lag issues on the new store) however every time I open the store I cant move to any of the submenus, I cant find anyone experiencing similar problems online, has anyone got any tips or advice? Thanks!

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