Trend Micro notes six-fold rise in Android malware

As Android becomes even more popular, more malware authors target the platform
Darren Allan

October 23, 2012
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Android malware is up strongly, indeed by a factor of six, according to security firm Trend Micro.

Android has been explosively popular over the last couple of years, and much like the widespread Windows OS, that has painted a target on the its’ back for malware authors.

The more folks there are using a platform, the more possible “marks” which can be fleeced.

Android malware has increased so there are now some 175,000 malicious, or “potentially dangerous” Android apps, Trend Micro reckons, whereas there were just 30,000 back in June. That’s some serious growth over the summer, and if you continue to extrapolate those numbers, it’s a worrying prospect for the future.

There’s been a big increase in mobile adware, which, while not outright destructive, does display ads and gather information on the phone owner without their consent.

Trend Micro noted that cyber-ne’er-do-wells are continuing to target obvious as well as growth areas – for example, P2P sites, and the big social networks (which are being “plagued” by survey scams).

Not only are the cyber-crims targeting Facebook, but also the likes of Tumblr. Java and Internet Explorer are also common targets – again, widespread targets. Trend Micro concludes: “The popular always comes under siege.”


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