Wikipedia refreshes mobile website

A redesign for the benefit of smartphone users
Adam Smith

October 25, 2012

Wikipedia has gone ahead and redesigned its mobile website to make it easier on the eyes of smartphone users with small(ish) screens.

Apparently, the redesigned site is rolling out across the globe this week, according to a report on The Next Web.

The font-of-all-Internet-knowledge is pushing for more readable text, primarily. So we’re talking new fonts which are more readable, and more easily “scannable over”, on a mobile – and fonts which have improve device compatibility.

According to The Next Web, Wikipedia said that its “designers will continue to focus on typography going forward, since text is the primary way readers and editors interact with the site.”

You can take a look for yourself at Wikipedia’s mobile site here… the refresh should have arrived pretty much everywhere by now.

As smartphone numbers increase, the mobile world is in turn becoming an increasing concern for any big website. You only have to look at the way Facebook is flapping over mobile advertising revenues (and its investors, more to the point) to see that.


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  1. Rachel says:

    Looks like they’ve gone the bad wayof forcing teir crappy mobile site on smart phone and tablet users, whether we ask for and want it or not. Even clicking their well-concealed “Desktop Version” link only respects your choice for the next page view only. Any further interaction catapults you repeatedly back into the special needs version of the site.

    Why oh why are major websites still dumb enough to foist crappy disabled versions of their content like this on consumers in the age of near-ubiquitous smartphones, on which these sites are at best an annoyance and at worst a complete barrier to using your device in the way you choose and it is capable of? I always imagine some developer with an ill-deservedsense of pride in their work is behind most of these lame mobile sites. They certainly don’t come about through listening and responding to the needs of real users.

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