Mobiles to overtake PCs next year

As the most common devices used to access the web

October 29, 2012
Samsung Galaxy Note 2

As the most common devices used to access the web

Research firm Gartner has been gazing into its crystal ball recently, and the company reckons that as soon as 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device globally.

Gartner reckons that by 2015, over 80 per cent of mobile handsets sold in “mature” markets will be smartphones – although only a fifth of those will be Windows Phone powered.

And also in 2015, tablet sales will reach a level whereby they’re half of laptop shipments – but again, Microsoft isn’t going to be dominating here in a few years, despite its Windows 8 touch push; not according to Gartner. Windows 8 will be in third place, Gartner reckons, behind iOS and Android.

In a report, Gartner wrote: “Consumerisation will mean enterprises won’t be able to force users to give up their iPads or prevent the use of Windows 8 to the extent consumers adopt consumer targeted Windows 8 devices.”

“Enterprises will need to support a greater variety of form factors reducing the ability to standardize PC and tablet hardware. The implications for IT is that the era of PC dominance with Windows as the single platform will be replaced with a post-PC era where Windows is just one of a variety of environments IT will need to support.”


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