Google doodles Halloween

Search engine produces an animated, sound-filled doodle
Adam Smith

October 31, 2012
google halloween doodle

Google has taken the time to treat us with a Halloween doodle today.

And this one is a smart looking animated affair which shows doors to a row of spooky houses, each of which you open with a click of your mouse.

Behind the doors lurks some sort of ghost or monster, including an octopus beast thing, and a giant pair of eyeballs which follow your mouse cursor all over the screen.

There are some nice little sound effects accompanying all this, with the howling of the wind in the background. The raven atop the screen also squawks when clicked on, and the black cat screeches, then dashes from the bin to end the animated doodle experience.

Google then declares “Happy Halloween!” in its search box.

And if you’re off out dressing up tonight, we hope you have a good All Hallows’ Eve too. Try not to get sick on fun-size Mars bars.

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  1. Rosi Prieto says:

    Thank you!!! It’s adorable!

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