BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ lands

But at quite a price

November 6, 2012
BlackBerry Playbook

The cellular-equipped BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ has finally arrived in the UK, although it’s looking pretty much too late for RIM and tablets.

Indeed, RIM and smartphones is a decidedly shaky looking proposition, with the company’s global market share falling considerably over the past year or two.

Still, we’re talking slates, and the original PlayBook was a Wi-Fi only affair in this country. Now it has a 3G counterpart, but the price tag on that 3G connectivity is steep to say the least, the Inquirer reports.

It’s going to retail at £420; that’s £100 more than Google’s Nexus 10 slate with its iPad-beating mega-resolution.

But the real kicker is that, as the Inquirer points out, the Wi-Fi PlayBook can be had for just £129 at Currys/PC World, so the 3G version is more than triple the cost – which seems pretty ridiculous.

We can’t imagine there’ll be many takers at that level – if you want something more “businessy,” there’s also the Microsoft Surface around at that price point, but with a proper built-in keyboard as well.


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