Google Nexus devices sell out

Both the Nexus 4 phone and Nexus 10 tablet have flown out
Darren Allan

November 14, 2012

Google has begun selling its new Nexus 4 smartphone and Nexus 10 tablet in the UK, and both are flying off the shelves to the point of stock drying up on the Play store.

Both the 8GB and 16GB versions of the Nexus 4 phone have sold out, and in fact, according to some reports they disappeared within about 30 minutes of going live on sale yesterday.

Similarly, while they didn’t sell out inside of an hour, as of this morning both the 16GB and 32GB models of the new Nexus 10 tablet are also marked as sold out.

A lot of this has to do with the pricing of the devices, particularly with the Nexus 4, which weighs in at just £239 for the sim-free basic version of a top-end Android smartphone (with the latest incarnation of Jelly Bean on board).

The basic Nexus 10 is also cheap at £319, when compared to the price of the iPad – and the hardware on board the slate is no slouch either (with its resolution actually outdoing the new “retina quality” iPad).

It isn’t clear whether this is due to blazing demand, or just the fact that Google hasn’t got huge amounts of stock over in the UK (or has been taken by surprise by just how many people want one of the new Nexus devices).

Currently, though, the only thing you can purchase is the old Nexus 7 tablet (albeit with the 16GB version now the basic model at £159, and a 32GB version at £199).


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