IE10 arrives on Windows 7

Now Windows 7 users can get hold of the browser which was released with Windows 8

November 14, 2012
Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 10 was pushed out with Microsoft’s Windows 8 last month, but the updated browser has now been made available to those on Windows 7.

Albeit with a slight caveat, as this isn’t quite the finished version of IE10 for Windows 7, rather it’s labelled a Preview version. That said, it appears to be a perfectly stable working version by all accounts.

So what’s new with IE10? Performance improvements over IE9 are one of the biggest factors, with improved hardware acceleration, and nippier JavaScript performance. HTML5 support has also been extended considerably with IE10.

IE10 also benefits from a raft of security improvements, which is good to hear, and the Do Not Track feature which lets websites know you don’t want to have your surfing monitored by default. The latter has caused some considerable flak from those in the online advertising business.

In a blog post, Microsoft noted: “We believe that meeting customer expectations by putting people first is the best way to grow online commerce and the Internet economy. Our commitment is to provide Windows customers an experience that is ‘private by default’ in an era when so much user data is collected online. IE10 is the first browser to send a “Do Not Track” (DNT) signal by default.”

You can download the preview release of IE10 for Windows 7 here.


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