Sky app updated for iPhone remote control

Swipe your way around the channels

November 15, 2012
iPhone 5

Sky has updated its iOS Sky+ app so that an iPhone with it installed can now be used as a remote control (as well as the iPad, which already had this feature).

The app is compatible with the iPhone 3GS and upwards, though it’s optimised for the iPhone 5’s super-sharp display. As well as an iPhone, you’ll need a Sky+HD box, and you can then use your handset as a remote control.

The app lets you simply swipe across to rewind and fast forward, tap to pause and play. Swiping up and down changes channels, or you can type in a channel number on-screen.

A new TV guide provides a week’s worth of listings, and you can sort by genre, and record a show or set reminders.

The interface has also been honed for easier navigation, and Sky claims it’s now more intuitive all round.

There are certainly lots of pleased iPhone punters, judging from the latest reviews on the iTunes store. The app is free, so if you’ve got a Sky+HD box and iPhone, you really ought to grab it.


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