Smartphone sales are up strongly

But overall mobile phone sales are down slightly in Q3
Darren Allan

November 15, 2012

Gartner has released its latest figures for mobile phone sales, and while the overall numbers are down slightly, the proliferation of smartphones is ever-increasing.

In the third quarter of this year, Gartner estimates that 428 million mobiles were sold, but that was 3 per cent down on the same quarter in 2011.

However, four out of ten phones sold were smartphones, which was an increase of 47 per cent on 2011’s figure. Next year, it’s a good bet that more smartphones will be sold than feature phones.

The top vendor, unsurprisingly, continues to be Samsung, driven by its smartphone devices such as the popular Galaxy S III and Note. Samsung sold 98 million devices in total, 23 per cent of the market.

Nokia slipped some 4 per cent year-on-year, down to second place with a 19 per cent market share.

Apple was a distant third on 5.5 per cent, but bear in mind that this is just with a single device, the iPhone – and it was up quite strongly from 4 per cent the previous year.

ZTE is actually the company in fourth place, moving ahead of LG with a 3.9 per cent market share. LG was in fifth spot on 3.3 per cent.

RIM has slid further, worryingly for the company, and is now in eighth place on 2.1 per cent, behind Huawei (2.8 per cent) and TCL Communication (2.2 per cent). Motorola and HTC are breathing down RIM’s neck, both sitting bang on 2 per cent.

Next year, RIM could find itself at the very bottom of the top ten phone vendors, if BlackBerry 10 doesn’t produce the goods.

Nokia, too, will be hoping things pick up with the launch of Windows Phone 8 and the Lumia 920/820. It actually slid this quarter in terms of pure smartphone sales, down to seventh place in fact – probably as folks were waiting for WP8 rather than buying a WP7.5 Lumia phone.


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