Google readies iPhone Maps app

Returning to Apple's smartphone doubtless to the relief of many

November 16, 2012
iPhone 5

Google is apparently readying a Maps app for the iPhone, which it will soon be submitting to the Apple App Store for approval.

Before iOS 6, Google was the default mapping system on the iPhone – but with the launch if the iPhone 5, Apple gave it the elbow and brought on board its own Maps app.

Much to the chagrin of the iPhone-using public when it turned out that Apple’s new system was ropy and unfinished, particularly when it came to locations outside of the US.

So Google wants to get back onto the iPhone, or at least, be an option for iPhone users who want to download the big G’s navigation aid to live on their Apple handset once more.

This is just rumour at this point, highlighted by the Wall Street Journal, whose source (the usual “person with knowledge of the matter”) said that Google has already started distributing a test version of the app to folks outside of the company for, well, testing. Finishing touches are apparently being applied before the submission to the Apple Gods overseeing iTunes.

Apparently this app will be more fully featured than the last effort pre-iOS 6, including turn-by-turn driving directions which weren’t previously available.

Presumably Apple won’t try and block the app from appearing, so iPhone owners who are still unhappy with Apple’s mapping efforts should have an alternative soon.


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