Android 4.2 skips December

Let's hope Santa doesn't have an Android phone...

November 20, 2012
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A peculiar bug has emerged in the latest version 4.2 of Android, Jelly Bean, which means that users can’t add birthdays or anniversaries for the month of December.

In fact, the entirety of next month is missing from the stock Android Contacts app for Jelly Bean 4.2, Android Police notes, whereas it’s definitely there in version 4.1.

In other words, according to Google – or should we call them Grinchle? – there will be no Christmas this year, and we’ll skip straight to January at the end of next week.

Forget your Christmas cakes, presents, chocolates and glasses of sherry too…

We’re sure the bug will be fixed pretty quickly, as it’s a rather embarrassingly large error to have slipped through testing without anyone noticing.


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