Microsoft developing set-top Xbox?

Next-generation Xbox will come in two flavours

November 22, 2012

The latest rumour concerning the Xbox console is that Microsoft is planning on producing a cut-down Xbox that is essentially a set-top box that’s capable of some casual gaming (but not “hardcore” gaming).

The so-called “Xbox TV” device rumour comes courtesy of The Verge, which claims it has heard from “multiple sources” in the know that this piece of hardware is in the pipeline.

The Xbox TV will be part of a two pronged attack with the next-gen Xbox, offering consumers a choice between the full console, or a cut-down set-top box that will still run casual games.

The Xbox TV will be an “always on” device which can resume near-instantly for maximum convenience, and presumably it will have a pretty cheap price tag to get Microsoft into even more living rooms.

The Verge says the device would run on core components of Windows 8, and the architecture for the next-gen Xbox (which will perhaps just be called the plain Xbox, in an Apple-esque move, rather than the Xbox 720) will be fully scalable.

That could mean combining the system with a phone stack to make a smartphone capable of running a full version of Xbox Live.

It’s also part of Microsoft’s big strategy to get the same live-tile-style OS on phones, tablets and TV screens throughout the country.


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