Samsung flexible phone coming in 2013

We could see the world's first bendy smartphone next year
Darren Allan

November 22, 2012
Samsung Logo

Apparently Samsung might be bringing the first flexible smartphone to the market as soon as next year.

That’s sooner than we expected to see the technology appearing, certainly. Samsung told the Wall Street Journal that it’s planning to start mass production of such flexible OLED displays within the first half of 2013, meaning we could see the first ultra-thin smartphones next year.

Not only would such devices be ultra-thin, they’d also be much lighter than existing smartphones, and there’d be no danger of the bendy, flexible phone breaking if you dropped it.

No more worries about smartphone insurance, in other words (the only real danger with these phones being theft, of course)!

Currently, these devices are still at the prototype stage, so there’s no cast-iron guarantee Samsung will be bringing this phone to market in 2013; but that’s the plan. Both Sony and LG have had prototype flexible displays up and running, but haven’t yet managed to find a way to successfully mass produce devices to bring to market.

If Samsung is the first to do so, that will give the firm a big leg up on the competition with such a major innovation – and the Galaxy S “Flexible” is going to be quite a prospect for the iPhone 6 to take on, should Samsung’s 2013 ambitions be realised.

While the flexible handset will command a premium price upon launch, eventually this development should bring the prices of smartphones down, as the plastic materials – once the production process has been mastered – will be cheaper than the glass used currently.

Before too long, we might even see flexible tablets; truly portable slates you can roll up and stick in your bag or perhaps even pocket.


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