Molyneux’s Godus is on Kickstarter

Crowd-funding a Populous reboot
Darren Allan

November 24, 2012

Peter Molyneux (of Populous, Magic Carpet, Black & White, Fable, and… well, take your pick, fame) is seeking funding for his latest and greatest game on Kickstarter.

That game is called GODUS, though we’re dropping the capitals ourselves and calling it a less-shouty Godus – and as you might have guessed, it’s a God game. In fact, it’s a reboot of Populous, the original God game (arguably) released at the end of the eighties.

It was regarded as a classic, and indeed we loved it – unlike its “spiritual successor,” Black & White, which was interesting but ultimately rather over-reached and felt gimmicky.

Godus apparently takes the foundations of Populous and some of the innovative elements and UI of Black & White, and transfers it into a multiplayer, competitive arena. Which does sound pretty cool.

Molyneux and his development team, 22cans, promise that it’ll be very easy to play and accessible, but the strategy involved will be layers deep.

You’ll build your own cult of worshippers, and clash with fellow (human player) Gods and their followers.

Molyneux is looking for £450,000 to fund the game, and has achieved £122,000 already, with 27 days left to pledge. We’d be surprised if he didn’t get his money.

So why has he turned to Kickstarter, when surely an industry name of his calibre could easily find a publisher for Godus?

To quote the Godus Kickstarter page: “Funding [Godus] via Kickstarter allows us to stay a small independent team with unlimited freedom in our creativity. It’ll just be you, us and our unbridled dedication (no publishers).”

“You see, although Godus is a new idea, we’re keen to return to the spirit which started it all. In 1989, in a small, cramped office in Guildford, England, a hard-working and enthusiastic duo experimented, collaborated, took risks and came up with Populous, a game which would become a legend and which would launch the god game genre. We’re going to make Godus in that same spirit.”

And also, rather than seeking funding from traditional avenues of investment – with investors expecting a slice of the profit pie in return – this way, 22cans can keep the entirety of the profits, and only have to deliver what they’ve promised to Kickstarter backers.

We could well see more games made via Kickstarter from hereon in. The target date for the release of Godus is September 2013 – which sounds a little ambitious – and the game will be released on the PC, along with iOS and Android mobile devices.

Check out further details on the Kickstarter page here.


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