Windows 8 off to a slow start

Not nearly as hot as Windows 7 was in its early days
Darren Allan

November 24, 2012
Windows 8 Preview

The news isn’t good for Windows 8 apparently, when it comes to early adoption levels, at least according to data from Net Applications.

Net Applications first batch of data, for the last week of October which Windows 8 launched into, showed it reached a market share of just 0.41 per cent in that debut period.

The latest data from this week shows that Windows 8 has increased its market share, but only reached 1.01 per cent of computers visiting the sites which Net Applications monitors.

That’s a pretty lacklustre start – and half of the smallest share for any of the current three Mac OS X versions which are most-used in the Apple computer market.

As the Telegraph reports, Windows 7, by contrast, reached a 4 per cent market share in its first three weeks, so quadruple what Windows 8 has managed.

This somewhat shaky start ties in with the fact that Microsoft has been pretty vague about Windows 8 sales numbers thus far. While Steve Ballmer did announce that 4 million upgrade licenses were sold over the opening weekend, nothing has been said since.

And if there were good numbers, you could expect them to have been shouted about – we shall see if, next week, we get any data forthcoming from Redmond on the first month’s worth of sales.


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