Microsoft is producing Google specs rival

Redmond AR goggles a-go-go
Darren Allan

November 26, 2012

As you may recall earlier this year, Google unveiled its Project Glass augmented reality (AR) glasses hardware, and Microsoft has a similar project on the boil according to a patent which has recently come to light.

Apple is also developing its own AR goggles, or has patented technology relating to them, so it’s not surprising that Microsoft is also getting in on the act.

As Ubergizmo notes, however, unlike Google’s specs which are designed to be worn all day, Microsoft’s AR face-gear is being designed for wearing at special events such as for example a football game.

The glasses will be able to deliver text and audio to the wearer, and thus impart extra information on the game (or whatever event) in real-time.

The hardware seems to have a more realistic set of goals than Google’s Project Glass, the initial promo video of which promised a lot (but we’re betting the final hardware doesn’t deliver on all those promises).

Microsoft may be looking to undercut the price of Google Glass, and perhaps beat Google to the mass-market-punch via a more tempting price tag. All this is speculation at this stage, though, and Microsoft’s AR goggles may remain nothing more than a prototype.

The company has learned over the past few years, however, that it’s a bad idea to fall behind in the mobile arena – as it’s now playing catch-up with tablets and Windows Phone, with a long climb ahead of it.


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