Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 trailer out

Hopefully will improve on the first outing
Darren Allan

November 26, 2012
sniper ghost warrior 2

If you were a fan of Sniper Ghost Warrior, then you’ll doubtless be interested to hear that a new gameplay trailer has just been unleashed.

The CryEngine 3 powered shooter looks to be shaping up quite nicely in the trailer, with some tasty looking visuals on display.

The trailer shows off the thermal imaging mode, some brutal close-quarters knifing, and a spot of sniper versus sniper duelling.

Remember: Breathe and squeeze… breathe and squeeze.

While the original Sniper Ghost Warrior was actually pretty poor in our opinion, it sold really well – folks just love a bit of sniping action, evidently. It looks like the sequel might just be an improvement, though – and hopefully a sizeable one.

The game is due out on Xbox, PS3 and PC in January.


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