Babies being named after Siri

Daft names abound

November 30, 2012

The modern craze of giving unfortunate babies ridiculous names appears to be gathering steam, as some folks are naming their offspring after Apple’s voice assistant Siri.

Yes, Siri. Of course, this week we also had the story of baby Hashtag, so named by her publicity seeking parents (and of course, that’s done the trick).

Apple – as in Chris Martin’s daughter – has also taken off as a baby name, although we don’t think he named her after the Cupertino-based company somehow.

Mac is another name rising in popularity, so reports the “Babycentre” (via The Next Web).

The list was compiled from a survey of the best part of half a million baby names.

Maybe we’ll have twins called iPod and iPad next, or a load of boys and girls called Surface, Nexus, and Galaxy soon enough (and budding accountants named after Toshiba tablets, perhaps – the most turgidly named devices on the planet).


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