Currys and PC World roll out Google Zones

There are now 50 across the UK
Darren Allan

December 3, 2012
Samsung Chromebook 2012 Oct

Dixons Retail has announced that it has rolled out “Google Zones” in 50 Currys and PC World stores up and down the country.

You may remember that at the end of 2011, a trial of the Google Zone was launched in the Tottenham Court Road branches of Currys and PC World. And apparently the concept was pretty well received.

That concept is a “shop within a shop” dedicated to Google’s products, namely Chromebooks, with trained staff who can show off exactly what the Chromebook is all about (portable computing via the cloud, in other words).

Other Google devices such as the Nexus 7 are on display, and can be tried out by customers.

Apple has proved the value of a strong retail presence, with its stores doing great business across the globe, now even in China. The value of trained staff who can show members of the public exactly what products are about is an avenue Microsoft is also now taking, with some 60 stores in the US, and that retail empire is likely to expand next year.

Google’s approach of paying to get into existing electrical/computing shops is an interesting spin on the model.

Mark Slater, Category Director for Computing at Dixons Retail, commented: “Customers love the versatility and ease of use of the Chromebook range, and a dedicated area in-store, with specialist staff on hand, is a great way for customers to experience the product and learn the benefits of a unique operating system. In stores with a Google Zone, sales of Chromebooks represent over 10 per cent of our notebook sales.”

He added: “We are particularly excited by the recent launch of the new Samsung Chromebook. This is our best-selling Chromebook to date and one of the best-selling products in our entire laptop range.”

That latest Chromebook’s £230 price tag is certainly a tempting prospect that doesn’t need much explaining.

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