Next-gen Surface RT to be 8.9 inch model?

With the next-gen Surface Pro to go the other way, with a larger display
Darren Allan

December 3, 2012
Microsoft Surface tablet

The Surface might only just be out – the RT (ARM-powered) version that is, the Surface Pro is coming next month – but already there’s talk of the Surface 2.

And apparently the next-gen hybrid tablet/laptop will come in different sizes, to better differentiate the consumer oriented RT model, and full-fat Pro. The next Surface RT will have a smaller 8.9 inch screen, and a more compact form factor, whereas the next Pro might increase in size slightly to 11.6 inches.

That’s the rumour reported by Fudzilla, anyway, and it does make sense to a degree to better underline the differences between the devices.

That way, the RT’s lower screen resolution would look more at home on a smaller size screen, and vice versa for the full HD resolution the Surface Pro boasts.

The other point of speculation is that Qualcomm could be called upon to deliver the CPU, instead of Nvidia which provided the current Tegra 3 that powers the Surface RT. Of course, the Pro model has a full-fat Intel CPU, but the further buzz is that this could be pushed out by AMD’s Temash quad-core APU.

Given AMD’s current situation of pretty serious fiscal bother, job cuts and reorganisation, we’re not so sure – but it would definitely be a coup for the company if they could beat out Intel for a Microsoft contract.

The Surface 2 is, of course, some distance off yet, but we think the display size differentiation aspect of this rumour has a fairly solid ring to it.


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