Nokia isn’t making an Android phone

Staying loyal to Microsoft... for now

December 3, 2012

At the end of last week, another smartphone rumour leapt into the media limelight, this one regarding Nokia making an Android handset.

It turns out that this definitely isn’t true, though.

The speculation was triggered by a job posting for a senior engineer position, working with Linux (in other words, in the mobile environment, Android).

Many jumped to the conclusion that Nokia was beginning to explore Android options, perhaps in the light of Windows Phone struggling to make an impact on the market.

However, Gizmodo reported that Nokia’s VP of Media Relations quickly clarified that this job was in fact relating to its new mapping project, Here, and supporting it for Android (and iOS) handsets.

So for now, Nokia is staying loyal to Windows Phone 8, certainly. However, if growth doesn’t get sparked by Microsoft into 2013, the Finnish mobile manufacturer might have to look at Android, or some other alternative (options are thin on the ground, though).


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