Jelly Bean now on 7% of Android devices

But Gingerbread is still on half of all Android hardware
Darren Allan

December 4, 2012
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Jelly Bean has reached almost 7 per cent of Android devices, according to the latest stats from Google’s Android developers’ website.

That’s a marked jump from a month ago, when Jelly Bean was on just 2.7 per cent of all Android devices. Now it’s on 6.7 per cent, with the upgrades coming in thick and fast (and of course, with new devices being sold).

Ice Cream Sandwich usage also increased slightly to 27.5 per cent, from 25.8 per cent a month back.

Gingerbread still remains the dominant Android OS force, though, with that flavour being on 50.8 per cent of handsets, still half of them.

Froyo is on 10.3 per cent, now, down a fair bit from 12 per cent a month ago, with 2.7 per cent still using Éclair. Indeed, 0.1 per cent, or one in a thousand Android devices, is still struggling along with Cupcake – a scary thought.


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  1. julie edwards says:

    Hi my daughters 7” android tablet pc has crashed?

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