UK to have “Cyber Reserve” force

To help defend the country against online intrusions

December 4, 2012

The UK government is implementing a so-called “Cyber Reserve” team to help defend the country from online security threats.

There has been much made, recently, of the emergence of “cyber-warfare” and the fact that the combat of the future may be fought with fibre optics rather than bullets, at least to some extent.

So it’s not surprising that the Ministry of Defence is setting up the Cyber Reserve, which will enable the armed forces to “draw on the wider talent and skills of the nation in the cyber field,” the BBC reports.

Minister Francis Maude noted that 93 per cent of enterprises in the UK had witnessed some form of online attack in the last year.

He told the Beeb that the coalition was making a “move towards the establishment of a UK National CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team),” which would act as a “focus point for international sharing of technical information.”


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