Ofcom releases customer satisfaction details

For broadband, mobiles, landlines and pay TV

December 5, 2012
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Ofcom has released the details of its research into levels of customer satisfaction with phone, broadband, mobile and pay TV providers.

This is the result of polling thousands of UK consumers between July and September of this year.

On an overall level, the lowest satisfaction rating was found with the fixed broadband industry, which had 62 per cent of customers marked down as satisfied – with pay TV the highest at 69 per cent. That’s not exactly a huge gulf, though.

Getting down to the specifics, when it came to landline phone service, Sky topped the satisfaction league with a figure of 70 per cent, followed by Virgin Media and TalkTalk on 64 per cent. BT was on 63 per cent.

In the fixed broadband world, there was little difference, with Sky and BT on top with 63 per cent, not far ahead of the bottom ranked Orange on 59 per cent. That said, 20 per cent noted they were actually dissatisfied with Orange – as opposed to a neutral rating – compared to 12 per cent with Sky, so that is a big difference. In that respect, Sky was also well ahead of BT on 17 per cent.

In terms of mobile ISPs, O2 was top – despite those recent outages – with a 76 per cent satisfaction level, well ahead of the second place Three and T-Mobile, who were jointly on 67 per cent.

Not only that, but O2 only had 8 per cent of customers actively dissatisfied, whereas Three and T-Mobile had 14 and 15 per cent respectively. Vodafone came stone last, with only 61 per cent satisfied, and 18 per cent dissatisfied.

In the Pay TV arena, Sky once again topped the chart with 71 per cent satisfaction, and 9 per cent dissatisfaction, beating out Virgin Media which was on 66 per cent and 16 per cent respectively.

So this was definitely a good result for Sky, and also O2 when it came to mobiles.


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