EE offers iPad mini with 4G

Apple's little slate also has 4G support

December 6, 2012

EE has announced that it is now flogging the iPad mini on 4G contracts, as of today.

In case you’ve been dwelling underground, beneath a rock, or similar, the iPad mini is Apple’s new compact tablet with a 7.9 inch screen, and a lighter £269 price tag.

The network is now offering the 4th generation full-size iPad and iPad mini on a range of 4G data plans – and both Orange and T-Mobile, the partners in Everything Everywhere, will offer the new Apple slates on 3G HSPA+ (3.5G, as it’s sometimes called).

The two year contracts start from £21 per month. EE highlights its “best value” plan as the iPad mini 16GB model, with 3GB of monthly data, which costs £25.99 per month, but there’s also an up-front fee of £149.99 for the device itself. A bit of a sting in the tail.

Pippa Dunn, Chief Marketing Officer at EE, noted: “We’re delighted to be launching the 4G iPad mini and iPad with Retina display. To celebrate the launch on the UK’s only 4G network we will be offering customers the chance to try 4G free for a month on our EE £15.99 30 day SIM Only Plan, which comes with 5GB of data and Wi-Fi.”


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