Facebook uses Instagram against Twitter?

A pawn in the battle of the social networks?
Darren Allan

December 6, 2012

Instagram has changed its policy regarding images displayed on Twitter, with the tweeting social network’s users no longer able to display those photos as “cards.”

Instead, the images now appear cropped, which obviously isn’t ideal from the tweeter’s point of view.

Fingers are being pointed at Facebook, which bought up Instagram earlier in 2012, as having forced through the change to get in a dig at its social network rival.

Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom denied that there was any such ulterior motive, according to the Guardian.

He told the paper that with Instagram developing a more web-based interface, “the best experience [for users] is for us to link back to where the content lives.”

Systrom noted: “We will always be integrated with Twitter in a way that you can tweet out from Instagram to Twitter.”

Twitter is apparently working on its own Instagram-style photo filters, which again might be another possible reason why Instagram has made this move.


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