Google doodles Ada Lovelace

Daughter of Lord Byron honoured
Darren Allan

December 10, 2012
Google doodle lovelace

Ada Lovelace, or to give her full name, Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, has been the latest recipient of a Google doodle.

Lovelace was the daughter (and the only legitimate one) of Lord Byron – her mother was Anne Isabella Byron.

She became famous in her own right as a brilliant mathematician, and she worked in the field of computing in its infancy, alongside Charles Babbage.

Today is the 197th anniversary of her birth, which does make us wonder why Google didn’t wait another three years to doodle her, in order to celebrate her double century. Better early than never, of course.

The doodle itself shows Lovelace sat at a desk, scribbling away, with a Google-shaped ticker tape touching her thought bubbles which show the evolution of computers from great hulking, room-filling machines to the svelte Ultrabooks of today.

It is said that Lovelace could see the future of computing, and its potential to go beyond the mere number-crunching duties that early machines (and Babbage) focused on.

Lovelace never knew her father, Lord Byron, as he left England never to come back when she was only five months old, and then died when she was eight.

She had three children of her own, but was unfortunately plagued by ill health, and passed away aged thirty-six, a victim of cancer.


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