UK tops weather woe tweets

The cliché about us Brits moaning about the weather is true on Twitter

December 12, 2012

It seems that moaning about the weather is indeed a favourite British pastime, at least judging from the amount of whinges on Twitter.

Social media monitoring outfit Brandwatch conducted a study on weather related tweets, commissioned by the Telegraph, and found that in an average week, 20 per cent of all discussions regarding the weather came from British Twitter users.

That was well ahead of the number two country, Greece, which represented 15 per cent of weather talk.

Brits are also the most likely to be making negative comments about the rain/sleet/snow/cats/dogs/blizzards (delete as appropriate). 9 per cent of UK comments were complaints.

Last month’s rain and the recent cold snap have prompted a fair bit of moaning on Twitter, it would seem.

Interestingly, former British colonies also carry the negative bias in terms of weather comments, with New Zealand finishing second in the negativity stakes with 8.1 per cent of comments being whinges. Canada was third on 7.6 per cent.


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