Google Maps is back on iPhone

Never fear, Google is here to soothe your iOS navigation woes
Darren Allan

December 13, 2012
iPhone 5

Good news for those of you who have been frustrated by Apple’s new mapping system which was brought in with iOS 6 – as Google Maps is now back on the iPhone.

That means no longer need you scrabble around for third party alternatives to Apple Maps, you can download Google’s app and have the navigation system you were used to prior to the iPhone 5.

Australians will be particularly relieved, given that Apple Maps has been apparently leading them astray into the potentially fatal desert wilderness, according to recent reports.

Google claims that its new app brings forth sharper looking maps, with more map on screen – and it’s quick loading, with a smooth experience promised whether you’re using the 2D or 3D view.

The app gives users voice guided turn-by-turn directions, along with live traffic data for avoiding those pesky jams, and public transport information in certain areas.

Google also stresses the user feedback aspect of its system, and you can simply give your phone a shake to send them a message, and let them know that something is wrong with a part of the map.

The company is also gathering data to keep its maps up to date through clever ideas such as the Ingress augmented reality “game”.

The new app is ready to go for the iPhone and iPod touch (4th gen) running iOS 5.1 or better.


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