Kinect party coming next week

Free game coming from Double Fine

December 13, 2012
Xbox 360 and Kinect

Double Fine has announced the release of a free game for Xbox Kinect next week.

Kinect Party will be out on December 18, which is next Tuesday, and it’s a kids (family) oriented pack of motion controlled mini-games.

Judging from the trailer, these look to be pretty simple affairs which involve a lot of donning virtual costumes on-screen, and generally jumping about having a laugh.

There are mini-games where you play at a beat-‘em-up, dress as Minecraft characters, dig in the sand, chuck fireworks around, and so forth.

In fact, you can have a look at the trailer for yourself on YouTube here.

Kinect Party allows for up to six players, comes with 36 mini-games, 20 achievements and 75 odd costumes (some of them very odd). It’ll cost you nothing to download next week, and should keep the kids entertained for at least an hour of the Xmas holiday.


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