Galaxy Note 3 to have 6.3 inch display?

Phones to start pushing up to small tablet size?
Darren Allan

December 14, 2012
Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung’s next Galaxy Note phone could up the ante even further, and push up to a screen size which is practically up there with the small tablets.

The Nexus 7 for instance has a 7 inch screen, and the Galaxy Note 3, according to the latest speculation, will have a 6.3 inch display which won’t be very far off that mark at all.

It would make the Note even more of a “phablet,” a cross between a phone and tablet. The original Note had a 5.2 inch screen, which was upped to 5.5 inches with the Note 2 – so this would be a much bigger increase, this time around.

This rumour comes from the Korea Times (via Techradar), and we’re just not sure this one has it on the mark.

Samsung’s S3 and Note phones have been remarkably successful, with the latter being perhaps surprisingly so (the flagship S range has long been a hit). Folks are interested in a bigger phone – the Note 2 has certainly proved that – but to push things beyond the 6 inch mark might be too much.

A smartphone still has to be portable to some extent, and when it comes so close to the size of a small tablet, snapping photos and holding it up to your ear to talk becomes an entirely more unwieldy affair.

Therefore it seems quite a risk for Samsung to be pushing so far with the third Note. The Note 3 will likely have a larger screen, though – that does seem to be the way things going. But we’d bet it won’t be quite 6.3 inches in size. 5.8 inches would seem the natural progression.

However, as Techradar points out, Huawei is rumoured to have a 6.1 inch phone coming out, so perhaps the 6 inch mark is there for the taking.

At any rate, we shall see soon enough, as CES is next month, followed by MWC in February, and there are likely to be announcements about both the S4 and Note 3, most probably at the latter.


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