ScotRail trains to offer free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi coming to a Scottish train near you

December 15, 2012

ScotRail has announced that its class 170 express trains will have free Wi-Fi on board by the end of 2013.

Some £2 million has been stumped up by the Scottish government to install Wi-Fi equipment on board all 59 of ScotRail’s class 170s. Yes, we don’t know what a class 170 is either, but we’re sure there are people out there who do (and they probably own a collection of thermos flasks, and hang out on the end of platforms for fun).

Apparently this fleet of trains runs between most Scottish cities, as well as in the Fife and Stirling areas.

Indeed, four trains actually already have Wi-Fi, having been fitted out as a trial, which apparently was very successful – 77 per cent of users were satisfied with the service and its speed.

Further trains will be fitted out with Wi-Fi starting from March 2013, running though until the end of the year.

Steve Montgomery, managing director of ScotRail, said: “We are confident the installation of free Wi-Fi will be warmly welcomed by our customers. More journeys are made on our class 170s than any other of our trains, so it makes sense to begin the roll-out on this fleet.”

“We will be fitting wi-fi during planned weekend maintenance, to avoid taking trains out of service.”

Which is doubtless why the roll-out will take so long, but it’s definitely good that there won’t be any service disruption.


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