Twitter archive is rolling out

Grab every tweet you've ever made and store it
Darren Allan

December 17, 2012

Twitter has begun to roll out a new archive feature which allows users to download their entire history of tweets.

It’s the latest in a series of moves the social network has made at the end of this year, including changes to profiles, and the introduction of new Instagram-style photo filters.

The archive is something Twitter promised would be delivered by the close of 2012, so it has just made that deadline, although currently the social network is just rolling out the feature, so it’s only available to a small percentage of the user base right now.

You may or may not find the “your Twitter archive” option under Twitter settings, but if you do, you can give it a click and download the text of every single tweet you’ve ever made.

What you’ll find in there of course – and the sub-140 character gems you may have forgotten (perhaps for good reason) – is another question entirely!

According to The Next Web, which heard about the feature’s availability from readers who could access it, once you’ve requested your archive, it’s compiled by Twitter and when it’s ready, a download link is then emailed to you.

It shouldn’t be too long before the feature is more widely available, and you can archive your tweets for your grandchildren (or not).


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