Samsung to reveal 110 inch TV?

Giant UDTV coming soon to CES
Darren Allan

December 18, 2012
Samsung Logo

Samsung is apparently all set to reveal a giant 110 inch UDTV at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show.

That’s the rumour courtesy of MK News (via Techradar), who reckon that a Samsung official has told them that “at next year’s CES, to be open on January 8 in Las Vegas, the US, Samsung will have its 110-inch UHD TV on display.” (That’s a translation, so a little rough, but you get the idea).

UHD TV is Ultra High Definition TV (normally just called UDTV for short), and it blows HDTV out of the water, with quadruple the number of pixels.

The new TV would also steam past the current crop of 84 inch UDTV sets – but at a price. Bear in mind that those 84 inchers cost around 20 grand or more, so heaven only knows how much a 110 inch TV will retail at.

It’s not likely to be a prospect for the average consumer, let’s put it that way. Not unless they’re going to swap their house for one (mind you, they could probably live in the TV’s box).

At any rate, we’re still looking towards an OLED set (that we equally can’t afford).


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