Sony has sold 30m PS3s in Europe

Following the release of the new super-slim console

December 19, 2012

Sony has announced that it has now sold 30 million PS3s across PAL regions.

The number was reached at the beginning of this week, with the PS3 now having been on sale for five and a half years (well, it will be six years next March).

Of course, the company is constantly revamping the console, and its software, and recently put out a new downsized “super-slim” PS3, and a redesigned PlayStation store.

Jim Ryan, President and CEO of SCEE, commented: “This is a major milestone for us and clearly shows just how popular the PlayStation brand and products are within Europe and the PAL territories.”

“We are really pleased with the success of the PS3 system over the last six years, and are committed to continuing our support of the platform with high quality products and titles that are of the calibre that PlayStation fans have come to expect.”

Has the PS3 sold more than the Xbox 360? Well, the last global figures we heard back in the autumn put the consoles pretty much level pegging in terms of the global market.

Microsoft may well have the advantage going into the next round of future consoles, though, with its offering likely to hit the shelves first. Rumour has it that the next-gen Xbox will be out for Christmas 2013, with the PS4 not expected for some time after.


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