Smartphone airbags on the cards

Yes, airbags. You read that right

December 20, 2012

Smartphones are growing increasingly more sophisticated, with the addition of technologies such as voice assistants, NFC, intelligent screen brightness adjustment – and soon enough, airbags.

Yes, the Telegraph has spotted a patent from Amazon for a system to protect a phone from the dreaded cracked screen after it’s been dropped.

The system would make use of the motion sensors which are now commonplace on smartphones – these would be able to detect when the handset went into a swift freefall.

In that case, the phone would deploy a small airbag type cushion thing (not the exact phrasing in the patent, we’re sure), and this would buffer the screen if it hit the tarmac.

There’s even talk of small air-jets to adjust the phone’s position, so it lands on its back presumably (like a cat lands on its feet).

This is a pretty smart sounding idea, actually, although with one potential flaw. Once the airbag has been deployed, is it going to be easy to reset the system?

If not, then you can bet bullies across the land will take delight in phone-dropping – as they know they won’t go as far to break the device, but will cause hassle and annoy the owner by deploying the airbag.


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