LG launches 55 inch OLED TV

Super-OLED set priced for South Korea
Darren Allan

January 2, 2013

LG has announced that it will be taking pre-orders for its 55 inch OLED TV set in South Korea later this month, with units shipping in February.

Other markets will follow, the company said, with announcements and pricing due to come over the “next several weeks,” though we’d imagine we’ll hear about the UK market at CES.

The 54.6 inch diagonal set is a WRGB OLED TV, model 55EM9700, and last year an early version of the TV picked up the Best of Show award at CES.

The price in South Korea has been announced, and it’s equivalent to £6,000, which is about the sort of level you’d expect. Indeed, that’s pretty competitive given the price of OLED TVs – and we can expect it to decrease over the next couple of years.

LG is planning to ramp up production quickly, apparently, to try and dominate in the growing OLED sector which is expected to hit 7 million units in 2016 (so Display Search reckons).

LG’s 55 inch set uses a four-colour pixel system to deliver rich and vibrant colours, and OLED tech will mean smooth motion and panning. It’s also quite a stunning looking set at just 4mm thick, and weighing 10kg.

Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG’s Home Entertainment Company, commented: “When high definition TV was first introduced 15 years ago, the public’s reaction was ‘wow!’ but when customers see our razor-thin OLED TV for the first time, they’re left speechless. That’s a clear indicator as any that OLED TV is much more than just an incremental improvement to current television technology.”


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