Vodafone offers deal on nearly-new iPhone 4

And other phones, with a range of models on PAYG or contract

January 2, 2013

If having a cutting edge, or brand new, handset isn’t important to you, those interested in an older iPhone will doubtless be pleased to hear that Vodafone has heavily cut its asking price on the iPhone 4.

This is a “nearly new”, i.e. pre-owned and reconditioned iPhone 4, mind you, but it costs far less with a £155 discount bringing the price down to £250.

Uswitch.com spotted this deal, and apparently it’s one of many nearly new handsets which you can grab from Voda. Contract phones, not just PAYG, are also up for grabs and there’s a Galaxy S3 on the go for £33 per month with unlimited calls and texts – that’s £4 cheaper than the new S3 on the same contract.

The likes of the HTC One X is also available on the scheme. Reconditioned handsets are covered for two years – so you’ve got peace of mind there (nearly new PAYG phones, mind you, only have a 12 month warranty).

It’s certainly one way to make a bit of a saving on your phone or contract, if you don’t mind a slightly older handset and one which has been used for a brief time by someone else.


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